Project Agreements

A Project Agreement is an agreement between federal Deputy Ministers that outlines the process by which federal departments or agencies will carry out their particular roles or responsibilities during the federal regulatory review of a proposed major resource project. more »

Current Project Agreements

Project Name Date
Line 3 Replacement Program in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba 2015-10-05
2017 NGTL System Expansion Project in Alberta 2015-09-21
Crown Mountain Coking Coal Project in British Columbia* 2015-07-22
Woodfibre LNG Project in British Columbia* 2015-04-29
LNG Canada Export Terminal Project in British Columbia* 2015-01-23
Aley Mine in British Columbia* 2015-04-29
Howse Property Iron Mine in Newfoundland and Labrador* 2015-02-05
Victor Diamond Mine Expension* 2015-02-05
Hardrock Gold Mine* 2015-02-05
Magino Gold Mine in Ontario 2014-09-25
Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project in Alberta and British Columbia 2014-09-11
Kipawa Rare Earths Mine* 2013-10-17
Joyce Lake Direct Shipping Iron Ore Mine project in Newfoundland and Labrador* 2013-06-07
Prince Rupert LNG in British Columbia* 2014-03-04
Pacific Northwest LNG in British Columbia* 2014-03-04
Griffith Iron Ore Redevelopment Mine in Ontario* 2013-10-02
Goliath Gold Mine in Ontario* 2013-10-02
Murray River Coal Mine in British Columbia * 2013-11-20
Fire Lake North Iron Mine in Quebec * 2013-05-02
Blackwater Gold Mine in British Columbia * 2013-05-06
Rose Tantalum-Lithium Mine in Quebec * 2013-04-12
Hopes Advance Iron Mine in Quebec * 2013-04-12
Site C Clean Energy Hydroelectric Generation Project in British Columbia * 2013-04-12
Quebec Lithium Spodumene Mine in Quebec 2013-03-15
Maritime Link Transmission Project 2012-12-19
Josephine Cone Mine in Ontario 2012-11-02
Keeyask Hydroelectric Generation Project in Manitoba 2012-10-09
Cliffs Chromite in Ontario 2012-04-19
Eagle's Nest Multi-Metal Mine 2012-04-19
Dumont Nickel Mine in Quebec 2012-08-28
Kingsvale-Oliver Natural Gas Pipeline Reinforcement 2012-05-14
Kami Iron Ore Mine 2012-04-23
Arnaud Apatit-Magnetite Mine 2012-03-29
Donkin Export Coking Coal Project 2012-01-24
Northwest Mainline Pipeline Expansion 2011-12-14
Leismer to Kettle River Crossover 2011-12-14
Sisson Tungsten-Molybdenum Mine 2012-01-11
Burnco Aggregate Mine in British Columbia 2012-02-15
Spanish Mountain Gold Mine in British Columbia 2012-01-04
Northwest Mainline Komie North Extension 2011-12-06
Hammond Reef Gold Mine 2011-11-04
Vantage Pipeline in Alberta and Saskatchewan 2011-08-24
Bakken Pipeline in Manitoba and Saskatchewan 2011-08-24
Jackpine Oil Sands Mine 2011-10-06
Marathon Metal - Copper Mine 2011-09-29
Renard Diamond Mine 2011-08-23
Ajax Copper-Gold Mine 2011-08-17
Midwest Uranium Mining and Milling 2011-08-23
Robb Trend Coal Mine 2011-07-22
BlackRock Metal Mine 2011-07-21
Harper Creek Copper-Gold-Silver Mine 2011–06–22
Labrador - Island Transmission Link 2011–06–21
Central South Coal Mine 2011–04–27
Kitsault Molybdenum Mine 2011-04-19
Elmtree Property Gold Mine 2011-04-12
Pointe du Bois Spillway Replacement 2011-03-22
Kerr-Sulphurets-Mitchell Copper-Gold Mine 2010-10-27
Matoush Uranium Exploration Ramp Access 2010-10-27
Raven Underground Coal Mine 2010-10-13
Quest Carbon Capture and Storage 2010-09-22
Line Creek Coal Mine Expansion 2010-08-18
Detour Lake Gold Mine 2010-05-03
Morrison Copper-Gold Mine 2010-04-21
Millennium Uranium Mine 2010-03-02
Canpotex Potash Export Terminal 2010-02-16
Horn River Natural Gas Pipeline 2010-01-04
Star-Orion South Diamond Mine 2009-12-14
Naikun Offshore Wind Energy 2009-12-05
Groundbirch Natural Gas Pipeline 2009-11-03
Direct Shipping Iron Ore Mine 2009-10-30
Mount Milligan Gold-Copper Mine 2009-10-07
Northern Gateway Pipeline 2009-10-02
Hebron Offshore Oil Development 2009-09-04
Lower Churchill Hydroelectric Generation 2009-08-21
Keystone XL Pipeline 2009-08-20
Prosperity Gold-Copper Mine 2009-05-22
Darlington New Nuclear Power Plant 2009-05-16
Bute Inlet Hydroelectric 2009-05-15
Nanticoke Nuclear Power Plant 2009-05-15
Deep Geologic Repository 2009-05-11
Bruce Power New Nuclear Power Plant 2008-10-31

* The Project Agreement may be read together with The Federal Review Process for Major Projects: Project Agreement Companion Document (PDF, 144 KB) which provides additional information on the roles and responsibilities of federal departments and agencies involved in the review process.

What is a Project Agreement?

A Project Agreement is an agreement between federal Deputy Ministers that outlines the process by which federal departments or agencies will carry out their particular roles or responsibilities during the federal regulatory review of a proposed major resource project. The agreement includes a timeline and schedule for the completion of the regulatory review with regular milestones to allow tracking of progress.

In general, for projects that fall under the Major Projects Management Office Initiative, following the receipt of an acceptable Project Description (see Guide to Preparing a Description of a Designated Project under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012), all relevant departments and agencies will work collaboratively, under the leadership of the Major Projects Management Office, to develop a Project Agreement.

Project Agreements are a key coordination tool.

Project Agreements serve as a key coordination tool to ensure that the discharge of federal statutory duties is completed in a more coordinated, efficient and effective manner. All Project Agreements contain coordinated work plans that outline the particular roles and responsibilities of federal departments and agencies throughout the entire lifecycle of a particular regulatory review process. Project Agreements and the associated Companion Document include the following coordinated work plans:

  • an Environmental Assessment work plan;
  • an Aboriginal Consultation and Engagement work plan; and
  • a Permitting, Authorizations and Approvals work plan.

Project Agreements are an important accountability mechanism.

Project Agreements articulate the obligations and best effort commitments of departments and agencies during the federal regulatory review of a major resource project. Project Agreements are signed by the Deputy Ministers of these organizations to ensure that obligations and commitments are backed by senior-level accountability.

Each Agreement will include a process timeline with clear milestones and service standards to ensure that the review process is completed in a timely and predictable manner. Once signed, all Project Agreements will be posted publicly on the Internet to ensure transparency. The Major Projects Management Office will track and monitor the progress against agreed-upon timelines and milestones though its publicly-accessible monitoring and tracking system – the Major Projects Management Office Tracker – and through regular reporting to Deputy Ministers and Ministers.